Custom Colored by Keiko
"Himeno - Custom Color Only (Pretear)"
Heh, hehee... um. Here's a little story:
We had two custom color orders to do in March, one for Himeno, and one for Nami from One Piece. All the customer wigs to be custom colored are stored in the same bin, and I accidentally pulled out the one for Himeno when we were going to do Nami. I handed it to Lisa and told her to make it dark orange. The funny thing was, the whole time she was coloring, I kept commenting that the style was totally wrong for Nami, but we colored it anyway. Well, after we colored it, conditioned it, and took the pictures, I went to put the wig back into the bag... THAT'S when I read "Himeno" on the label. "Oh poop."

Anyhow, because we used wig dye, this was not a problem. We put the wig into a 1 gallon ziplock bag, and poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol in on top of it. We then swished the wig around until all the dye was off, rinsed it in cold water, and viola! It was back to the original blonde color. ^_^

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