Styled by Katie and Teal
"Ohm Shanti (Petting Zoo Original)"
When I was seven years old, my family took my grandmother on an RV trip to visit a couple of national landmarks. At one point during this trip, my parents left my brother, my grandma and I in the RV while they picked up some groceries. To pass the time, my grandma asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My cheerful reply? "A naked bellydancer!"

She was, understandably, shocked.

However, my dreams of becoming a naked bellydancer, or even a clothed one for that matter, never came to fruition. Instead, I make wigs. So, in homage to my childhood occupational ambition, I wanted to make the type of wig I'd wear if I were undulating for a small audience in a hookah filled casbah.

I went for a 1920s Art Nouveau look with the spit curls and subdued color scheme, but also added long feather-tipped braids for a more tribal feel. The crown is removable, so it can be swapped out for different costumes, but the gold ribbon is woven in with the braids.

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