Styled by Katie, Accessories Kitty and Katie
"Sailor Iron Mouse (Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon)"
There's two groups of Iron Mouse cosplayers, the Ear group, and the Odango group. In the manga, her ears are not drawn, well... looking like ears. They're just circles with a swoopy line through them, so many fans are convinced they're supposed to be some sort of white and pink odango. In the anime, the character design artist actually made them like round ears, with shading on the insides and a clear difference between the front and side views. Well, this is the ear version. Another cosplayer ordered the odango version, so we'll have that up later. ~_^

I know it doesn't look like it, this is probably the hardest wig I've done so far. It combines most of the "difficult" techniques to make it, plus the time to starch-press the ears, and sew the earmuffs, meant that I was working on it for over a week. The chains around the buns and the tiara were made by the cosplayer's friend, Kitty, who (get this) is cosplaying as Tin Nyanko. ^_^

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