"Super Candy Falls (Petting Zoo Original)"
The girl who ordered these wanted an alternate color version of the Citrus Dread Falls. I asked my former apprentice that did most of the dreadwork on the Citrus set if she'd like to do this set too. Unfortunately, she'd forgotten how to make dreads since she stopped working with me, and what she gave me was not something I could send out to the customer. However, she had taken so long to get them to me, that I didn't have time to start over with new materials, so I figured I'd just re-backcomb them, and properly seal them.

Alas, she had also put so much hairspray in them that I couldn't get them apart.

So, what I did was backcombed each section individually, then steamed them. This made them nice and solid, but not as "brambled" as the Citrus Falls.

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