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All colors shown on "Snow White" fiber.

For an example of what the dyes look like on other colors, use my virtual mixing chart!

Dyes can be mixed directly with one another to create custom colors. There are over 1,300 possible color combinations!

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Petting Zoo Wig Dye - 4oz Kit
$16 per Kit
As of 2/21/2009, all colors have been transitioned to the new formula. For more information, please read this page.

Each kit is enough to color one shoulder length wig, two packs of extensions, or one long doll wig. (The fiber in doll wigs is more closely wefted than full size wigs, so it takes quite a bit more dye than you'd think!)

Kit includes: 4oz Spray Bottle of Synthetic Wig Dye, Detailed Instructions, Gloves, and Comb,

Petting Zoo Wig Dye - 16oz Refill
$50 per bottle (20% Savings!)

This 16oz bottle of Wig Dye is a great value for people coloring long wigs. This bottle contains enough dye to refill your spray bottle 4 times.

Refill does not come with instructions, gloves, spray bottle, or comb.

If you would like a custom blend made, please leave a note during checkout and I will contact you for a color sample.

Petting Zoo Wig Dye - Sample Size
$1 per vial

These sample vials are perfect for doing swatch tests. Just apply the dye to the fiber with a cotton swab, or dip the swatch into the vial directly.

Dye Sample Pack

If you'd like to sample all 18 standard colors, use this option to save on shipping! (Does not include "Limited Edition" colors.)

Empty Spray Bottle - 4oz
$1 each

Extra bottles for using with the 16oz refills, or mixing your own custom colors. ^_^

Instruction Packet and Gloves
$1 each

Extra instruction packet with plastic gloves for use with the 16 oz refill. Includes detailed instructions for dyeing, streaks, and gradient effects.^_^


Fiber Swatches - 5 inches long
$1 per swatch

Use these with a your sample vials to test your colors before investing in a full wig. (For pictures of the color names, check this page.)

I only make swatches for the most commonly used colors. If the color you're looking for isn't here, you should order a pack of extensions instead.

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